Mercedes E350 for cross country trip?

If click & Clack think a Mercedes is a good car for a long vacation trip for a family of five, each of them should try sitting in the center of the rear seat for about half an hour. It would be a great car for this trip for a family of four, but that poor person in the middle of the back seat may never be the same. I like the suggestion of flying to Denver and renting an RV. Of course Phoenix would be closer to their AZ destination, and those RVs are not cheap by the mile.

I did not hear this particular show but I agree with you about a family of five in one of these.
After a 100 miles, one-way trip in one of these with yours truly sitting in the center of the back seat I’ll say that this short less than 2 hours jaunt was sheer, unadulterated torture.

This 100 miles seemed like a 1000 and it cured me of ever considering a ride like this again.