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Mercedes Diesel with 250K+ miles - good buy?

I also value the potential wealth of knowledge and value of the old threads. Prior to discovering this forum I had read all archives of ‘Ask Tom and Ray’. After joining this forum I read a large amount of old threads. I learned a lot. I also learned something over the years from a few friends and relatives. A nearly foolproof way to make a small fortune. Start with a large fortune and buy a used Mercedes.

I wonder if some people are going on the reputation that Mercedes diesels had in the 1970s. Compared to other cars in that time period, the MB diesel was quite durable and reliable. A good friend bought a new 1977 MB 240D for $10,000. His wife admitted to my wife that they bought the car because it was one vehicle that the credit union would finance the entire amount.

I can’t speak for the Diesel engine, but the E class Benz is a reliable car. It is reliable enough to be a recommended best bet by Consumer Reports. Note that MB brings new technology to the road in the S class, brings it to the masses in the C class, then after the bugs are worked out deploys it in the E class.

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Yeah but, 250,000 miles and the comments that only oil and filter changes will keep the ole diesel in tip top shape? Of course the engine is only part of the vehicle but that’s 250K on wheel bearings, transmission, springs, shocks, and so on. Might be a great car but I’d expect some surprises and expense no matter.

My comment was more about Benz and not about the mileage. I agree that there should be a lot of repairs that are really maintenance since the mileage is so high. I’m starting to see that with my 2005 Accord. In the last 20,000 miles, I replaced the hood struts and rear brake calipers. The weather is good enough that I might replace the front calipers as preventative maintenance. I have 184,000 miles now. Parts are always expensive for the MB, of course, no matter how old they are.

My 1999e300td was purchased 3 years ago for 2300 dollars. It had 278000 mi then, it now has 328000 now.
Battery tires ,brakes, and frequent spec oil changes. This was a motor donor car from somebody who had this thing all, or mostly dealer maintained. Unbelievably, it still had some new car smell and exterior and seats etc. were immaculate. I had 1980 300d that was very reliable. Alas, all good things must come to an end.
Needs injector pump, and related hoses and lines. I have found a shop locally that rebuilds injector pumps. I will fix this on my own time, and drive my 1977 Toyota 20r pickup for a while. Seriously, never could understand why people have a giant flat screen in every room, and not have a reliable backup vehicle.

Irlandes (who has been hiding) said it would be nice to know how many times an old post has been read. Well the stats are right up there for all to see. So in ten years, there have been 14,400 views of this particular topic. Guess a lot of people like old diesels.

I do not want a backup vehicle, lack of space, We have 2 cars so I guess you could say we have a backup vehicle. Licensing and insurance come into play, if you need an extra vehicle during a breakdown a rental car might be cheaper.

He’s not hiding

He announced his “retirement” from this website a few years ago . . . in part because he got tired of me disagreeing with him all the time :neutral_face:

Yes, too bad he/she/it was so easily run off. Writing from the deep south provided some interesting perspective on life in Mexico.

@Bing @db4690. My big thrill in life is irritating people, especially people on this board. You can leave the board, but you can’t get away from me. I have friends in high places- the alumni office in the university from which I retired. College and University alumni offices can track anybody down. It always amazed me that the U.S. government spent so much time trying to find Bin Laden when all the government needed to do was put a university alumni office after him. The alumni office would have located him in 15 minutes.


I’ve got high friends in low places, 250k miles I would say good bye.

“it” . . . ?!

So now we’re not even human beings? :alien:

I like your style :smiley:


I suppose anyone can be found, but that reminded me of a story a few years back. The family reported their male member missing. The Sheriff managed to locate him but reported to the family he was OK but wouldn’t reveal where he was. The family was incensed but the Sheriff said this is the USA and a guy has the right to not be found if he wants.

Male member missing reminds me of the lady that cut off the you know what!!! Bobbitt?


Yes, sleepus interruptus.

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It was Irlandes whose descriptions of everyday life in Mexico talked me out of thinking about moving there in retirement.



Flag day. You have been canceled. Reminds me of Twilight Zone.

What he apparently believed to be idyllic always sounded to me like some sort of punishment.