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Mercedes 380 sl


In a moment of

mkiddle aged angst, I purchased a 1985 380 SL. It is a beautiful car. We won the auction and picked up the car one state away. The car was mis-represented. It idled great when purchased, but would “burble” at speed. Got the high end fixed, but now the idle surges. Sometimes it idles great, sometimes it idles at 2500 rpm. Help.

Google ‘Mercedes SL forums’, you’ll find lots of folks who use these daily, and may be better able to help. Have you found a good independent Mercedes mechanic? Andy you’ll want to check to make sure yours has the improved timing chains, I understand that was a problem area, but most will have that fix by now.

Thanks for the quick response. I am hoping for an easy fix before I take it to my mechanic. I’ll google mereceds sl forums. I believe that the timing chain issue ended with the 84 model. But, I better double check.
Thanks again.