Mechanics are now well respected and in demand . . . ?!


Except that a garbage is not a sanitation engineer in any form of the name. The name should be a way to define the job responsibility, not any status behine or in front of it. It is that kind of thinking that got then garbage man defined as a sanitation engineer.


Sorry garbage collection workers are now titled sanitation engineers, I do not mind. Grease monkey to Automotive technician, lawn boy to landscaper I do not mind,


UTI graduates droves of “technicians” all the time…


Thanks for pointing that out. It is utter nonsense – no example of how it could be true.


For good reasons, the women at my shop would complain! An awful lot of sexist…


The best mechanic I ever had worked for me for 8+ years and was totally honest and also had complete control of his finances. I paid him well but because he was wise with his money it appeared that he earned a lot more than even the top men at dealerships and many of them applied to work for me. It seemed that drugs and the rush to have fun was the downfall of several men who never made it past the 90 day ‘trial period’ that was agreed to when first hired and their work was always in line with their lack of financial and self control. I won’t say that many good people don’t find themselves in debt over their heads though. I’ve seen a few good people in terrible situations resulting from situations out of their control.


Interestingly enough . . . many of my colleagues let their wives totally control their finances

In one case, the wife’s bad decisions also dragged down the husband’s credit. Sadly, this affected the family’s ability to obtain a mortgage . . . to the point that they were NOT able to buy a house in the end. At least that’s what the guy told me, but I’m only hearing his side of the story

In another case, a guy proved himself to be lousy with finances. He couldn’t control his spending, so his wife made him hand over all his credit cards and checkbooks. She gave him money to spend on lunch, and any tool purchases had to be approved by her. It did seem to help, as the family is now financially stable, but it took awhile to get back there


Visible from the NJ Turnpike is a huge billboard advising everyone that “80% of Lincoln Tech’s graduates are employed”.

So, we are supposed to be impressed by a statistic that does not mention the actual fields of endeavor in which the graduates of that diploma mill are employed. And, even if we assume that all of those who are employed are working as mechanics, I don’t think that a 20% unemployment rate is something about which LT should be boasting.