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Mechanic says to remove parking brake

Drive a 2001 Dodge Intrepid Es with 77,000 miles on it.Took car to garage with loud noise.Its the parking brake.He tried to fix the problem.Didnt work.Told me I didn`t need the parking brake.Never use it.And it is safe to do so.Mainly,makes noise in wet weather and in slowing down.Driven car like this for almost 5 years.

Evidently you don’t live in an inspection state. They’re safety devices, as well as additional parking assist devices.

If your brakes fail completely, the parking brake (more correctly emergency brake) is there to help you stop one last time.

So if you’re positive you’ll never, ever have an emergency, ignore it or remove it. My advice is to figure out what’s really wrong with it, and fix it.


Find another mechanic that actually fixes brakes. NEVER remove a built in safety device. It could bite you in the rump later. Hopefully he didn’t also tell you that you really don’t need your seat belt.

Whatever’s broken can surely be repaired or replaced. Find another mechanic.