Mechanic said my transmission fluid has never been changed?

Works for me! Thanks!

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If nothing else, you at least learn one more thing that doesn’t work.

I told you, guys!
The new generation choice will be THE APP :slight_smile:

So you if you change for the worse and turn into a first class jerk, that’s growth . . . ?! :thinking:

I’ve been trying to download an app to my flip phone but it just isn’t working for some reason. I consider buying a $700 phone and increasing the monthly fee to be bad growth. So I just mooch off of people that have already grown. (or is it groan?)

I guess I am on another track, I remember mileage when things were done, trans fluid, coolant differential fluid change, have an oil life monitor but do spring and fall, no mater what the miles.

Same as you, I can not make myself to get $700 out of pocket for something what can become a brick by simply falling on the ground, still for years I’m buying new smartphones of 1-2 years old top models for under $200 and on the recent flip I was even able to sell my old ones for $40-50 a piece, making for under $100 a year out of pocket annual.

You read about that guy that got hit on the head or some kind of head injury and became an instant savant. Multiply, divide, add hundreds of numbers at a time. Then got hit on the head again and it was all gone. I think you should write it down just in case. Hope your head is better today.

If that happens it is not like anyone I know is going to step in and take it over. Head is fine, a little muscle tightness, but feeling pretty good overall, thank you.

Looking at it the wrong way. If you DON’T change you’ll NEVER grow.

Choosing something and doesn’t work - IS PROGRESS. You just learned what NOT TO DO. You learn more from your mistakes. Not doing anything = ZERO GROWTH.

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I buy a new phone every two years, the same way I get a new car every three years. Knowing that the only car maintenance I need is an oil change twice a year makes it very simple

It could also be a fungus. :mushroom:

Oh no! Is there a fungus among us?

Perhaps even a humongous fungus among us!


I look at it a different way than you

It doesn’t mean I’m wrong


oh yeah? i drive with 2 million and never have replaced a tranny


How many seats are in your vehicle?

2 million what ? Miles I guess . On the same vehicle or did you trade or sell before they needed a transmission ?

Mike and I disagree sometimes but we do agree on servicing transmissions if that was what the comment was about. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a transmission overhauled. I’d guess just about at least once for almost every car, but then I’m usually in the 2-300,000 mile plus category.

just being silly… responding to the others who kept “upping” how many miles they drove without a trans change… in my opinion changing the trans fluid at your recommended intervals is very important to avoid costly repairs! i have a 2002 rav 4 with 1123000 and have changed mine 2 times… so far so good!