Mechanic ruined my Civic's engine - help

My Local mechanic replaced my timing belt and buggard my Engine
He won’t reimburse me i need to claim £1000 of him to pay Honda car has a permanent rattle now it’s put wright can you Help

That is a legal problem. Do you have “Small Claims” courts in the UK?

USA has Judge Judy, UK has Judge Rinder. :grinning:

Hire a group of hooligans to scare him off.If that doesn’t work,bring him to court.

Does this involve only the one mechanic or was a second mechanic used to put it right.

It has a permanent rattle now that it didn’t have prior to the belt replacement?
Then it hasn’t been put right!

If the mechanic won’t reimburse the 1000 pounds then I doubt she/he will admit fault in the repair. This could be a difficult one to prove. I suppose if you had witnesses and/or signed affidavits then you could possibly prevail before a judge.

Sometimes just the serving of a notice to appear before a judge will sway a guilty person to come forward with the necessary reimbursement to avoid the time spent in court and the negative publicity. We call it settling out of court. A huge percentage of all court cases end this way.

I would at the very least send a demand letter (examples are available online) that briefly states you case and asks for restitution for an amount necessary to fix the problem and states that you will take legal action if you do not receive payment in a certain time period. Get estimates from a couple of other garages to fix the problem.
The mechanic may ignore the demand letter, but maybe he’ll be willing to talk to you and come to some kind of agreement. Either way, the most you’ve lost is the price of a stamp or certified mailing fee (whatever that’s called in the UK).

Has he not even offered to take a look and see if he can make it right?

Or did you just go to him and say the engine rattles and now I want my money back?

This is like the millionth time common sense answer has posted — let’s welcome them back to our community! :clap:

Thank, you… thank you very much! :blush:

Uh, oh… It’s beginning to look like yet another one of those “questions” where very limited information is presented by an individual who has invested barely any effort into explaining anything and it’s up to the reader/helpers to ask a thousand questions, make dozens of half-baked guesses and expend all the energy to try and move the thing forward so it’s not dead in the water.
P.S. I know, I know, I don’t have to respond, just saying…

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Christopher, welcome aboard. Seriously, we’d like to try and help. Could you please supply more information. Take a look at some of the questions blokes have asked and that will give you some ideas.

Perhaps a chronology or sequencing of events involving your vehicle and attempted maintenance and repairs would help us.

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What does he say needs to be fixed? What is causing the rattle? He says the motor is timed correctly?

The first question is what exactly did he do that was wrong, why was the belt changed, and what were the symptoms. I don’t know about uk law but in the us you have to first give the guy the opportunity to correct the problem. Then you can have the problem corrected somewhere else and try to recover those expenses. So there is that, then there is what is the problem now and what will it take? Sounds like a third shop may need to be involved.