Meanwhile, at GM & Ford

… production continues to be handicapped by chip shortages.

In contrast, Toyota has it under control (no surprise):
Toyota Was Ready For The Chip Shortage. Why Wasn’t Anyone Else? (

We’ve had this discussion on JIT before so no point in whipping a dead horse, but failure to warehouse has consequences. What does it cost a day to have an idle plant?

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As does extending the supply chain offshore halfway around the globe.

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Many companies found that out and developed domestic suppliers instead. There’s a PWB assembly company in Baltimore that built a business building boards for companies that became disenchanted with Chinese manufacturers. While the up front cost was low, the cost of errors from language issues, delivery delay costs, and cost to visit the factories drove many companies back home. Meetings at 11am here are at 1am there. Even phone conversations or online meetings are a hardship.