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Mazda3 Trouble starting after filling up

This would be in recall one of the previous discussions which is closed right now.

I have a 07 Mazda3 with 120k miles. I had a staring problem first time in gas station like 2 weeks ago and since then only anytime that I go to gas station. After car leave the gas station every thing is normal.
Since then the check light popped on too. I have diagnosed it, it gave me two errors P0177 and P0446.
I have check the gas cap, it is sturdy. Even I replaced the cap and have reset the check light. But it came back on still same errors.

Was wondering, what would be your advise to this?

As I’ve mentioned there is an old discussion in in your website, but it’s closed. For refresh you can check it here if needed

Hey guys,

Actually I have check the error codes and it seems the codes are P0171 and P0446.

Does anybody have an advise or same issue?

Reviving for other owners with this problem. I had the same thing happen, and as the codes suggest, its a stuck evap purge valve. This will cause a vacuum leak, therefore a lean condition, especially after the gas cap is removed. This can affect idling as well.

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