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Mazda Wierd Noise

My friend has a 1994 Mazda MX-6 and she tells me that it is making a chugging noise when she drives slow and it screeches when its idling. She must have had mentioned its her timing belt maybe but my brother things those don’t slip really until they snap. Any idea what is wrong with this car?

The screeching at idle is likely to be a loose serpentine belt or a bad belt tensioner, but that is just my best guess from afar.

As to the chugging noise, there are so many possibilities that it would be pointless to speculate–especially since we have no idea of how well it has been maintained or how it has been driven, and have no idea of what repairs might have been attempted already.

Unfortunately, you have provided us with virtually nothing to help us to diagnose the problem via cyberspace.
Your friend needs to take this aged car with its unknown odometer mileage and its undisclosed maintenance record to a competent mechanic.