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Mazda Tribute alternator problems

My original alternator failed at 147,000 miles. In the following 3 months, three replacement alternators have failed, the most recent in only 2 days. What should I be looking for that is causing these alternators to fail?

Where are you buying the alternators? Did you have your battery tested?

Buy an OEM new or junkyard alternator. Auto part store alternators are notoriously bad.

We are having the same issues… At 148,000 miles as of one week ago today we will have gone through our 3rd alternator and that again, is in one week. The 3rd is being put on today. The battery is new, and we replaced the PCM and had the keys reprogrammed thinking the computer was not telling the alternator to charge the battery. I wish I had NEVER purchased this vehicle we bought it less than a month ago and yes it is old… a 2002, However we traded our 97 nissan maxima for this vehicle because of the room. The maxima was a great car…Mazda tributes are made off the same assembly line as the ford escape …
They both have a history of electrical issues and several have caught on fire. Lesson learned … This consumer will stick with Nissan or Volkswagon…American is just pricey junk!!