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Mazda start problems

I have a 2013 Mazda5 with 95k on it. At first it was just slow to start for a few weeks. Now when you try to start it after it’s been sitting awhile, the rpms and speedometer both shoot all the way up and then back down. It refuses to start the first couple times. Then eventually you turn the key, the rpms and speedometer again shoot all the way up and then back down again, and it idols at around 1700. Any ideas?

We tested the battery and starter so far, and both appear to be fine.

The electronic throttle body controls the engine idle speed.

The first thing to try is cleaning the electronic throttle body.


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Many cars have gauges that go all the way to the top and back to zero when you first turn on the key. It’s some sort of electronic checking procedure. I’m not saying it’s true for your car, but in many cars it’s completely normal.