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Mazda MPV 2005 Blowing Transmission Fluid

Wife called me earlier saying she had smoke pouring out behind Van while she was out and that Transmission car wouldn’t move. I went and checked it out and it had blow all the transmission fluid all over the motor/hood and left front tire. The motor was hot so the tranny fluid all over it was making it smoke. There is Transmission fluid all over the front of the motor and bummer. I looked at the Tranny Cooler when it was coming off tow truck and tranny cooler isnt even wet. Any Ideas where to start?

Check where the trans lines connect to the radiator, the radiator itself could be suspect,

I don’t think that’s it.


Does it sounds like a hose issue or a Tranny gone bad?

Leak issue, tranny issue would not blow fluid on the front of the engine or front tire imhop

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It shouldn’t be difficult to find a major leak, put on your safety glasses, start the engine and have a look. If no fluid leaks, add a quart of fluid and look again.

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One thing you need to consider is the possibility that the transmission is now fried. Repeated efforts revving the engine with little or no transmission fluid an attempting to move it can ruin an automatic quickly.

Not real familiar with the MPV but maybe a transmission vent is plugged. Of course unplugging it won’t do anything to help a fried transmission.