Mazda Miata 90

Hello every body…I am from DC, it is around 9:00pm. My question: I washed my car engine with water, then immidetly after I start to hear when I accelarate PAF…PAF. As some water goes in side some part. I noticed one of the Distributer Router is not firing enough comparing the other three. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK…is intelligent guess or …Thanks and apologize for my English


I think you mean the spark plug wires. The 1.6l Miata fires 2 plugs at the same time, so if it the coil pack, 2 cylinders would be out. It might be water in the spark plug wells or in the boots at the coil pack. If this is the case, mark your plug wires and note the location at the coil pack, pull the wires and let them dry out. Early Miatas are hard on plug wires…you might want to put new NGK wires on.

Hello, thank you, I will my best