Mazda 3 won't start

Been having trouble with it stalling out when I am driving or won’t start at all after I have drove. Just had the thermostat changed . now it won’t turn over at all and the check engine light blinks 7 times. HELP

Have it towed to a shop. If you can start it and drive it, you may destroy the engine. I was going to ask for age, mileage, engine and transmission, but given the flashing CEL, that information isn’t important anymore.

Yeah there is somethinggoing on with it thank you for your time

Do you mean it fails to crank … that rrr rrr rrr sound. Or it cranks ok, but won’t catch and start running?

Advice above is spot on, when the CEL is blinking, best to not run the engine at all, or at most very briefly, no more than one minute. A blinking CEL could mean the fuel/air mixture is off and the cat is being damaged, or something even more expensive to repair. A shop can easily figure out why the CEL is blinking by using their scan tool.

Mazda3 cranks but won’t start

Cranks ok but won’t catch start is usually either a fuel or spark problem. Start by checking for a healthy looking spark at a spark plug during cranking.

So I’m giving up on the 2006 mazda 3 going to have someone come get it and take it yo dealer

Sounds like a good plan. They’ll almost certainly be able to figure this problem out. Best of luck.