Mazda 3 lost power steering and speedometer; all trouble lights lit up

2009 Since a nasty cold snap in Northeast, instrument panel has gone crazy. The meter showing RPM’s works but 0 on the speedometer- dead. Gauges have been all on for a couple weeks. Just noticed now the power steering is gone. All lights seem to work normally and heat/defrost works. Radio works. Haven’t noticed if odometer is working or not.

You sure your alternator hasn’t died…or worse lost its ability to regulate power output? It could be throwing out 25VDC for all you know. Better get under that hood and also read all your engine codes. There are too many possible causes for this…you need to narrow it down for us. Also check your Negative or GROUND connections as well. Something electrical is going on and you need to try to find its cause.


2009 what? does your car have electric power steering or a belt driven, fluid filled pump?

Check your battery connections and make sure they are clean and tight. How old is the battery? If it’s original get a new one.