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Max Tire Pressure

Tires say 50 psi max. Gets COLD up here
I tend to want to run them about 40 psi

Hows my thinkin?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You don’t use the maximum pressure rating on the tires. You use the information that is posted on the left door pillar and is also listed in your owner’s manual. I don’t know what kind of vehicle you drive, but I would bet that the recommended tire pressure is much less than 50 psi.

Incorrect pressure can cause different handling responses. Don’t do it unless you are experienced enough to deal with any differences in handling.

What the tires say is irrelevant, what you go by is what vehicle’s manufacturer says. Usually the recommended tire pressure is on the door jamb data plate or on a label on the gas door. On most cars the recommended tire pressure is around 30-35 psi.

“Maximum” and “recommended” do not mean the same thing.

That max on the tyres means that is the highest pressure for the tyre. More pressure and the tyre  It is not at a recommended pressure.  Higher pressure can be dangerous.

There is ONE idiot on this forum who thinks driving at MAX tire pressure is fine…Most people who know the slightest things about cars will tell you it’s not.

The correct tire pressure for your car is on a sticker on inside door jam of our car or in the owners manual (or both). I usually run 1-2lbs higher then the recommended value. Running 10lbs or more as our residence idiot does is DANGEROUS…

The pressure listed on the door it is.

Thanks guys

There is ONE idiot on this forum who thinks driving at MAX tire pressure is fine…

 I would not say that.  I would say that the auto industry has been very neglect when it comes to the Owner's Manual and informing the owners of what they should be told.  They through a phonebook size manual and somehow assume the owner will read it from page one to the last page.

They through a phonebook size manual and somehow assume the owner will read it from page one to the last page

That would fall under personal responsibility in my book. You can’t fault the auto makers for trying to give the consumer all the information they need about their vehicles. If the consumer is too lazy to look in the index to see what page the proper tire pressure is listed on, then that’s on them

I agree with FoDaddy. If I spend $50,000 of my hard-earned money on something, you can be sure I’ll read the instructions on how not to destroy it. People who don’t think that’s worth a few hours of their time get little sympathy from me.

If I spend $5000 on a used car and it doesn’t have its owner’s manual, I will go to the manufacturer’s web site and download the manual.

I rented a Lincoln MKX on a business trip a couple of weeks ago. I took the owner’s manual into the hotel so that I could use the truck properly. Nice SUV, BTW. I don’t know what the fuss is about the MyLincoln (control system. It just wasn’t that hard to figure out.

The door says 36psi but that’s with factory tires. I’m running oversized rims and tires

Watch out for assuming that the sticker pressure is the best pressure for your situation. The sticker pressure is recommended by the ride engineer for one or two people in the vehicle. IE. higher pressures give a more harsh ride and lower pressures give a softer ride. It is part scientific data and part subjective data. If one takes a trip with a full load of passengers and luggage, it is best to increase the tire pressure to reduce heat generated by the additional load but do not go over the max tire pressure. Also understand that tire pressures are to be taken on a standard day with standard temperature and barometric pressure. Usually set your pressures in the morning before the tire has time to warm up.



I agree with Jos. People are often mislead when their bent is not the same as ours. I have a great friend who is smarter in every way then I…except mechanical. If I called him an idiot, he would remind me of the difference in our salaries. He puts his family first, not his cars. Yes, he did just that on a car because he always did it on a boat trailer. I trust him to do all my legal work, he trusts me to take care of his boat. Sounds to me like he’s the smart one.

That’s Apples and Oranges

Just because he makes good money doesn’t make him any smarter than anybody and taking care of your car IS taking care of your family

dagosa’s friend can afford to pay someone to take care of his cars. He apparently has other things he’d rather do. And that’s fine. Not everyone enjoys cars as a hobby, or needs to do their own work to help make ends meet. Without guys like him, auto mechanics would be as lonely as the Maytag Repair Man.

I agree about the money side…but only for the sake of argument., I really don’t think that there are extremely unaware people in all areas, which is what this his slang expression is all about, that make much money. In that respect, my buddie has it right. BTW, he’s my first selection in riding out a gale in a sailboat. His daily work out regiment would probably put 95% of the contributors here to shame, me included…I think his priorities are in line. One son is a corporate lawyer and the other is a fitness consultant for some notable people left unnamed and champion body builder. I kid him with am element of truth, that his wife, an editor and reporter, is probably the smartest one in the entire family and he should run all decisions about car maintenance by her first.

Bad bearing…I would like to know what kind of vehicle you have and the use you plan. I don’t think that 40 lbs is much out of line safety wise, if you expect extremely cold weather and anticipate carrying heavy loads. That isn’ much out of line when I plan doing a lot of heavy loader work in cold weather with my tractor, or am carrying a lot of gear in my boat while trailering it. Each of these have max load psi in the 50 lb range. It definitely is a good idea if the car is going to sit for a while IMO. Also, what were the factory rim tire size and the size of those you have now.

I agree that owners manuals are NOT very good at informing people of proper inflation…but I still have a problem with people who set the pressure to MAX. I’ve never read anywhere that setting tire pressure to MAX is the right thing to do.