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Mass Trooper takes dangerous truck off road

A trucker with missing/broken lugs was taken off the road by an alert police officer. The driver and his shop (if he has one) should have caught this. I understand the trucking industry is under a lot of pressure but simple basic safety/maintenance cannot be overlooked.


Good for that trooper.

As long as we’re talking trucks and lugnuts, what’s with the long spike lug nuts on the front wheels of semis these days?

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The driver should have caught that and refused to put it on the road before it was fixed therefore the driver share’s fault.

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The same as thing as people with big SUV’s or big pickup’s with oversize tire’s an wheel’s say look at me see what I have that you don’t have.


My BIL used to say that a good driver can tell if any bolt is loose. Yeah there have been a couple accidents around here where the wheel has been bouncing down the freeway and into someone’s head.

A good driver will also check every thing before moving and aso do a walk around looking at thing’s every time he stop’s for any reason.


I saw a consequence of one of those wheels coming apart: semi tractor and trailer went over a guardrail and a long ways down to a river embankment. I could see the jeans and boots of the guy in the passenger seat. Judging by the slow movements of the authorities on the scene, he was dead. Dunno if there were more dead in there.

Every once in awhile, a detached wheel works out OK:

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How could that truck be driven at all if that was a front tire as was indicated by the story?

HOW do you not FEEL that inside the truck!!! Some drivers are a bit dead-in-the-derriere but come ON! At least do a walk-around!

A dozen virtual donuts and coffee to that trooper!



That wheel is on a trailer;

trailer wheels

This is what the hub looks like;

utility trailer axles

The way this picture displays momentarily and then is gone, – that could be considered in the “stupid” category too.