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Maserati battery drain

I just purchased a used Maserati Granturismo (2013) with 15K miles and I seem to have an issue with the battery draining every few days. I replaced the battery with a new interstate battery and I’m still having the same issue. Seems like after every-time I drive it the car it needs to be plugged into the battery maintainer to get back to a full charge. The owners manual says that if the car sits for more than a week it should be put on the battery maintainer, but having to put it on a maintainer every two days seems absurd. Any ideas as to what may be causing this drain? I’ve heard everything from alternator issues to GPS locators draining batteries on these cars. Also, the car is bone stock, with no add on components that I’m aware of unless there’s some GPS locator hidden somewhere. I’m using a CTEK MUS 4.3 battery maintainer and when I plug it in after a few days worth of driving the CTEK is showing 2 or 3 bars out of 7.

Check for parasitic draw.
A battery maintainer is to maintain a charged battery, not to recharge a battery. So until you find what is draining your battery, keep the maintainer plugged in. Allowing your battery to discharge will shorten its life.

Check the alternator output. Autozone and Advance will do it for free, on the car near me.

I’ll get the alternator checked next. If it turns out the alternator is okay and that there is a parasitic draw what’s the best way to pin point it? Start pulling fuses?

Yes. You will have to insure that the car is “asleep” when you check parasitic drain. Door switches, hood switches must be forced into the position as if the door or hood are closed. Checking the current draw across the battery during this period will show a large draw, then gradually reduce until it settles on a the actual drain value. It may take several minutes. Then start pulling fuses one by one noting the current drop. There a number of computers that will be drawing current. 5-10 milliamps each. That is normal. If you find one that is 100 milliamps or more, there is your problem.

I think the issue with your car is clear from the owners manual.

Maserati is TELLING you that all these computers added up are drawing a BUNCH of current. My estimate is about 150 milliamps. That is just bad by design and not un-typical of small volume fancy-car manufacturers. Didn’t you ever wonder why your 6 year old car only has 15K miles on it? Maybe it always had a dead battery or was always in the dealer for repairs.

I predict this car will break you in ways you cannot imagine. Good Luck!

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Here is a link you can check out to help you find the trouble.

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