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Hey guys,

According to my Chilton’s guide, my '92 Land Cruiser’s motor type (3F-E) doesn’t match the image depicted for a '92 3F-E picture. Is Chilton mixed up? Can a dealer sell a truck with a replaced engine legally in Oregon? Where can I find all this stuff out?

Thanks, and of course I love your show!



This might have info you need:

It is quite likely that the Chilton’s manual is wrong. The Chilton’s manuals are usually cribbed and condensed from the factory manuals so it is entirely possible who ever put together that particular manual has the wrong picture.

Toyota truck engines usually have the engine code written on them in big letters on the valve covers and printed on the emissions sticker on the hood and stamped on the frame of the truck. See if all of these match. Otherwise, you might try posting a picture of your truck’s engine on a Toyota-specific forum like and asking “Is this what your 92 Landcruiser engine looks like?”

There’s generally no law against a dealer selling a car with a swapped engine. The only way it would be a problem is if the new engine won’t pass emissions testing (which Oregon has, right?). Realistically though, if that engine appears to be an electronic fuel injected Toyota 6-cylinder engine it’s probably the right engine.

It is not so much that the Chilton manual is wrong ,but more like the Chiltons manual is very generic so a pic might not be accurate.

example for pulling an engine.
1.remove all hoses and wiring.
2. drain fluids.
3. remove engine
4. reverse to install.

This is why I never buy aftermarket manuals.