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MAP Sensors

MAP or Manifold Air Pressure Sensors have replaced the old classic car Vacuum Advance in Computerized Automoble Control Systems, so how do they function, internally?

No, they haven’t. They serve an entirely different function.

It’s Wikipedia for you.

Wikipedia is available for any “Snow Job”. So, plug-up the tiny hole in the MAP Sensor, that is used to input atmospheric pressure, and see if your engine calculates the air intake volume any better, uses less gasoline, or retards the timming, slightly!

Actually, many are tunning their engine better by altering the MAP Sensor Curve!
But, most people are too busy or too dumb to study the Secret Software, if available.

However, THE COMPUTER is the PERFECT ROBOT that never questions its MASTERS!

The V-8 Engine was perfected by 1957 with no secret software, and has not improved with computers.

I assume you are joking - or ignorant. “not improved with computers” ?? “the Secret Software”

A MAP sensor measures the amount of air pressure (or rather vacuum) in the engine manifold. The computer can then use that information, along with output from the oxygen sensors and temperature sensors to determine how much fuel to put in the engine to get an optimal burn (factory - for emissions, aftermarket - for power). They are basically just a pressure measuring device.

A MAF sensor is also commonly used. It’s different in that it measures air flow instead of pressure. These are more commonly found on turbo charged engines in addition to the MAP sensor.

Q: What V8 cars in the 1950’s had around 400 HP, started every time, could be easily driven at slow speeds, and had “tune ups” every 50,000 miles?

A: None.



Did they improve the ENGINES, or just play around with it and reduce the efficiency and increase the size of the pistons and the gasoline thirst by adding fixed, computerized settings?

Actually, the four cylinder engine was perfected at about the same time.

So, Why don’t WE improve the REAR END TORQUE Efficiency, instead of the speed, the thirst, and the thrust?

One word: Crazy.

MAP=Manifold Absolute PRESSURE
Pressure. . . . . as in air pressure, inside the manifold.
“Absolute” refers to the scale on which the pressure is measured (as opposed to “gauge pressure”).

Who’s smoking the crack here?

Your CRACK applies to your generation, not mine!
And, it is used to warp your thinking!

My God, you really ARE schizophrenic!

Please Explain your cartoons!
Or else I won’t understand your defensive comment!

Crazy meaning unconventional thinking or dangerous to this forum?

Are you licenced to practice medicine, too?

You’re so clever, YOU figure it out.

You had better check in with your other brothers. One says MAP Sensors do not measure VACUUM!

Transistorized ignitions reduced TUNE-UPS, without Computers, before 1962.

Computers confused most mechanics for 10 years, and sold more gasoline with dangerous additives to keep the fuel injectors working.


No, I’m not Jack Roash, but my youngest kid use to work for him!

Crazy meaning you are completely insane.