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Map sensor enhancer

I see a lot of these map sensor enhancer devices for sale on the internet that are supposed to increase mpg. I know they actually do lean out the fuel mixture but does that ultimately increase your fuel economy and does it hurt your engine?

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Leaning the mixture may improve fuel economy very slightly under some conditions, but it increases the likelihood of pinging. Many engines will respond to this pinging by retarding the ignition timing, which reduces fuel economy (and power). If an engine controller can’t retard the timing, damage may occur from the pinging. These devices also probably violate Federal emissions laws.

So save your money. Unless, of course, you are just a spammer. (It’s not a great idea to be touting suspicious fuel economy devices in your first post here.)

Ditto. There are also scam devices being sold (nothing more than a cheap resistor) that are added into the Intake Air Temp or Coolant Temp Sensor circuits.
If any of it worked it would be standard production line issue on every car made.

Not a spammer, just have a neighbor who knows several others that swear up and down the things work. Especially when coupled with the hydrogen device which I know is a fraud. I believe in Issac Newton’s Law of thermal dynamics but just wondered if there is anything to the map sensors because I have not read much reliable information about them yet. Thanks for your reply.

I feel for you with the neighbor thing… I had a woman that worked for me that used a bottle of Marvel Magic Mystery Oil in every tank of gas because someone told her that her engine would explode if she didn’t use it. I tried for years to get her to stop using it, even going so far as to getting a letter from Marvel saying that her engine wouldn’t explode if she didn’t use it, and that using a full bottle in every tank is probably injurious to the fuel injection components on her car. She didn’t care and the last I heard she was still doing it.

See! The engine didn’t explode. That proves that it worked! Barnum & Bailey.