Manuel shifting problem

Hi, I was recently willed a 1988 Chevy S10 V6 2.8L and it runs great when setting just needs a oil change.The problem with it is that the clutch pedal is as soft as it could possibly be. You still have to push it in to start it but you can’t feel you pushing the pedal. And you can shift all through the gears without pushing the clutch pedal and it acts like it’s still in neutral so it will not move what is this problem and how can I fix it?

Part of the problems seems like the clutch master cylinder is totally shot. Start off however by verifying the CMC fluid is topped off, and that the path to the slave cylinder is bled of any air. This wouldn’t explain how you can shift it into all the gears yet it acts like it is in neutral however. That could be a problem in the mechanical linkage between the gear shift lever and the transmission. I’m thinking some transmission work has been started but not completed on the S10, perhaps replacing the clutch. Your S10 should make for a good run-a-bout and work truck once you get it back on the road.

It’s not the master cylinder.

If it were, and you stepped on the clutch pedal with engine running and tried to shift into any gear, it wouldn’t go into gear and the gears would grind.

I think the clutch is totally shot and slipping. And since the clutch pedal is soft, there’s a problem with the clutch hydraulic system.



If the clutch pedal is soft and it allows you to put the vehicle in gear without the clutch pedal depressed it sounds like your slave cylinder or throwout bearing/clutch fork has gotten stuck in the disengaged position… Meaning the clutch pressure plate is being activated by the throwout bearing as if you have the clutch pedal to the floor at all times.

It will feel soft because it does not have to overcome the pressure plate resistance because its already pushed in which disengages the clutch disc. This would allow you to put it in gear without the clutch pedal being used.

Manuel shifting problem

Who is Manuel and what is the problem with his shifting. Maybe Manuel just needs a refresher on manual transmissions.


I was going to say the same thing @PvtPublic but I thought I would let it slide…this time. LOL

BTW Manuel is Jose’s brother… Where is Jose you ask? Usually next to hose B

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When the transmission is removed the problem will likely be obvious. I had a '90 model S-10 with the 2.8L 5 speed and had great service out of it for many years and actually regret selling it. Highway mileage was 24+ mpg and in 15 years the problems were rare and relatively minor.

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Yeah, taking the transmission out will sus the problem right away. But it would be a shame to go to that amount of work only to discover it could have been solved w/the transmission remaining installed. A pro diagnosis is where to start.

I believe on this model the only part of the clutch system that’s accessible is the master

Everything else is inside the bell housing

So it’s quite possible that no matter what the problem is, the transmission must be removed for access to the clutch system components

Yeah its topped!

It’s possible to bleed the slave I’d guess, w/out removing the transmission.