Manual transmission 2006 Acura TSX

Was it easy to learn how to drive stick using this car?

If you’re a beginner learning to drive a manual transmission?

It doesn’t matter what vehicle.

The clutch is going to suffer some damage.


Depends on your definition of easy and what you are comparing to. Compared to an old Freightliner, yes. Compared to an old lawn tractor, no.

i would think most new drivers learn on mid-size sedans these days.
what are details of this endeavor? is it a family car? did you buy it with intentions of learning? any family members or friends who might give you some pointers?

If this Acura TSX belongs to someone else then if I’m the owner of that TSX I would say go find another car to practice with because as Tester mentioned the clutch will likely take some abuse.

Some may remember many years ago the post from the woman who bought a brand new VW Beetle and allowed her daughter to practice driving a manual with it. The new car’s clutch was wiped in 2 days and to her chagrin learned it was not warrantable.