Manual swap, what do i need? worth it?

hey, so I own a 2006 ford mustang, my transmission broke a few days ago and i was wondering how much work was needed to do a manual swap. Since i have to get a new transmission i was wondering if it was worth ordering a manual one and getting it installed by a transmission shop? what else would i need to do for a complete swap and would it be worth it?

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After getting a flywheel, clutch assembly, pedal, master cylinder, tubing and hose, slave cylinder, driveshaft and correct differential gearing, crossmember and trans mount, shifter and bell housing you might be broke. You really need another Mustang to get the parts from. You may need a new PCM so get the automatic fixed.


Ok, cool thank you very much. well thats that.

Are you swapping out a broken automatic, and intending to swap in a manual? That’s more complex than replacing a broken manual with a working one of the same model.

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Well you got your answer. My bil did it when he was restoring his 62 fairlane but it came without an engine and he had one with the trans. Just said he had to get a clutch kit and who knows what else. He is a mechanical genius with many years of experience and a well equipped shop with a lift. So yeah better move on.

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