Malibu oil change

My Malibu computer says to change oil at about 11,000 miles and 11 months. It tracks not milage but temperature and revolutions of the engine. Most of my driving is on the highway. This seems like a long time between changes.

Does anyone have a GM vehicle that gives similar oil change recommendations? Do you trust the computer giving such long intervals?


i have oil change monitors in two of my GM cars and had one in a previous car…be sure to read the owner’s manual. it will specify intervals not to exceed…i am very conservative with car care and change the oil every 3 months with conventional oil in my back yard. on my car that is about every 3,500-4000 miles. on my wife’s car that might be every 1,000-1,500 miles. The “change oil” lights have never come on. her monitor might be at 60% or 70% when i do the change…I don’t think I would exceed 6-months before changing the oil regardless of what the monitor say…just my $.02.

Cars and oil have changed. Back in the 70’s I changed oil every 2-3,000 miles. Today my car’s manual calls for 10,000 miles between changes.

I pay a lot more for the oil, even after oil price increase, but it is much better oil.

You can feel safe going with what the manufacturer recommends.

Frankly, if you eliminate those who have massive oil leaks or never change their oil, there are fewer oil related problems today than back in the 70’s.

In the 70’s it was common to see cars to to the junk yard because of oil related (wear) problems, today cars end up there mostly due to accidents.