Maintenance of a 1993 Geo Tracker

Hi All! I have a 1993 Geo Tracker that I recently got as my first car. Its a cute little thing, and from what I’ve read online it has very positive reviews as far as reliability and such. It currently has 175k miles on it, and I know that’s probably pretty high. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how I can keep this car in the best condition I can so it can last me the rest of college and then some. Any advice?

Unless you have written evidence (receipts, printout from dealer/mechanic, etc.) I’d do the following:
Oil and filter
Air filter
Radiator fluid
Transmission fluid
Brake fluid
Check how old the tire are, if too old (for me, that’s over 8 years) start saving for replacement, soon.
Have it checked over carefully for rust (suspension and suspension mounting points in particular, along with brake and fuel lines)
Brake pad inspection

Does it have a timing belt? When was it last replaced?

This engine DOES have a timing belt. If you don’t KNOW when it was replaced, replace it now. They are cheap to buy as a kit WITH a new water pump ($75), I don’t know if they are cheap to replace.

Apparently the engine is a pretty reliable little lump putting out a screaming 80 hp.

I’d add, change every fluid… Power steering and each differential (if 4WD), too.

This little SUV should run for a good long time yet if it was well cared for up until now.

If I remember right the 93’s still had the single cam 8 valve motor, right? If I’m not mistaken that’s a non-interference engine, in which case my policy has always been to drive it till it breaks, then get it towed and get the belt done.

The guys I got it from somewhat restored it, and put new parts in it- including new tires and a new timing belt about a month ago.

Good, get a list of everything that was done, compare it to everything listed above, do what’s not on their list. After everything is caught up, get the owner’s manual and follow the intervals listed there.

It was a joint venture between GM Canada and Suzuki. But it should be a fun toy if you can keep it running right. Just don’t try any fast corners.

Bless you and best of luck. Though these cars had decent reliability, their parts are not easy to get and will be real hard on this old model over time. You may be spending more time looking and waiting for parts then driving it. Personally, I would get it running smoothly and put it up for sale. Buy something that anyone can get parts or work on…anyone.

175k isn’t a lot of miles. 23 years however is a lot of time.
All the parts that involve rubber or plastic are suspect.
Belts (already taken care of), hoses, spark plug wires, seals, suspension bushings and dust boots, radiator top and bottom if plastic.
All these things need inspection.