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Magic of Television

I got two stories for you. One was a friend of mine used to work as a counselor at a reform school. The kids with good behavior got to go to a movie at the end of the week. He took a group one Saturday and it was raining when they got out. A bunch of the kids ran to the vehicle, he turned to one of the remaining and said “I wonder when they are going to do, I have the keys”. Imagine his surprise to find them all in the van. One of the girls said “what do you think got me into this place?”

The other is a 90 Buick company car that was stolen and used in a bank robbery. The door lock was not damaged, looks like they used a slim jim, but the ignition lock was also not damaged. They punched a little hole in the steering column on the opposite side and controlled the ignition switch with a long thin flat blade screwdriver. The cops said that the car was probably taken in less than 60 seconds.

That makes sense, since the ignition switch is on the steering column and connected to the key lock with a rod. Maybe they teach that in high school auto class or something.