Maddening Problem

I have a 2002 Toyota Camry and aside from one maddening issue the car runs great. This problem (which 3 trips to the mechanics and several consultations could not fix) involves a strange whistle when the AC is on. This usually occurs when the outside temperature is fairly high (80’s 90’s) and when the AC is on. There is a high pitched “whistle” that last at the most 1-2 seconds. This happens every 3-5 minutes. The mechanics have checked the belts, the tensioner, the compressor and cannot find the problem. Any suggestions?

It’s driving me crazy (no pun intended)



Can you try to say a little bit about where you think it might be coming from? At the very least try to say whether it is inside the car or outside (e.g. like under the hood). Is it really like a whistle or might there be other ways to describe it? Have the mechanics heard the whistle or are they just guessing at the location?

I seem to recall there was a TSB about this. It had to do with vibration from the orifice valve.

The whistle seems to be coming from the front, behind the dash and can be heard from the inside of the car.