Lug-nuts aren't on all the way!

I have a 2007 Toyota Camary LE that I purchased from a well known dealership. I recently had to have the struts replaced. When i got home I noticed the cap wasn’t on right, so i took off the cap to put on correctly. Thats when I noticed that Lug-nuts are only on half way! My rims that I purchased with car are 20". This can’t be safe. I have four children and I’m really concerned. I would be appreciative if I was able to attain some direction as to Who to talk to, What I should do or Where I should go? My warranty is up in about 5,000 miles.

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The FIRST thing you need to do is get off-line and go tighten your lug-nuts…With 20" wheels, you should probably check them once a month…Whining about it woun’t get you anything so why bother?? You might call the shop and tell them about it so someone will get their butts chewed out (maybe)…

The shop that took the wheels off last didn’t tighten them on properly. You need to talk the the manager of that shop. They can send someone over to check your wheels and tighten them up, or they can send a tow truck to tow the car back to the shop.

You should not drive the car at all until you know the lug nuts are secure. You can dig out the tire wrench supplied with the car and tighten them yourself if you have to drive the car anywhere. If it were my car I’d jack up each wheel a bit, tighten the lug nuts, let the wheel down and snug them again. This maybe a good time to get your hands dirty, you’ll know where your spare tire is and how the jack works as a result.

Of course, if you have AAA this maybe a good time to give them a call.

You have to call the shop that did the repair, have them take the vehicle back on a roll back car hauler so the wheels and lug studs can be examined for damage.


Sounds good.
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Sounds good.
Thank you.

Sounds good.
Thank you.

There will be a lug nut wrench in the trunk – quite likely under the floor mat. But it may not look exactly like you expect it to. If you must drive the car this weekend, tighten the lugs firmly, but don’t jump on the handle or get your 220 pound neighbor to lean on them because you can warp the rotors by overtightening. Moreover, the rotors may already be warped because under some circumstances driving with loose lug nuts can warp them.

Be sure and check the other wheels. If they forgot to tighten one, they may well have forgotten to tighten any other wheels they removed.

Monday morning, call the guys who did the work and ask them to arrange to check your car. Ask them if they want to send a tow truck, or send a guy out to tighten the bolts.

I would take Tester’s advice. The wheel studs could have been damaged on the one wheel you noticed, and the others could be damaged if they are loose too. You should demand to see the wheel studs when all 4 sets are checked at the shop that replaced the struts. You should not have to pay for new studs if they are required, and the best way to make sure the shop pays for it is to get them over to inspect the damage ASAP. The other folk’s advice is sound, but won’t deal with the possible damage to wheel studs.