Lug nut length

my honda uses ball seat lug nuts. the lugnuts are exposed so they are longer style with chrome ends. i got some factory honda rims that have a center cap and found out the lugnuts were too long to fit under the cap. so i had to dig up some ball end lugnuts. the wheels only came with 3-4 nuts so at least i had a style to look for. found out the oem acorn nuts are $89 at dealer. i think all lugnuts use the same thread count theory? dia of stud is 12mm so you should have 12mm of thread engagement?

What about the Doorman lug nuts.There should be one that fit your application.

the 89 was for the acorn nuts. i am not buying lugnuts at a dealer.
2 of the nuts i did get have different thread length

Besides the correct thread, it’s critical that the seat geometry is a match. Do you know if there’s only one like that?

On cars that use lug nuts (as opposed to lug bolts), there’s 10 different combos of diameter and pitches. Most modern sedans may use the same diameter and pitch though, don’t know. As far as the required length of thread engagement, it seems like if you have the same number of threads engaged as the way it came from the factory, that would be safest. If you want to change to shorter lug nut sporting fewer threads, other than consulting the service data or a dealership you’d be on your own.

I have two coffee cans full of lug nuts I’ve found alongside the road. They come in all assortments, and some are configured to make them difficult to remove without special lug-nut security tools. I suppose that is to mitigate against wheel theft.

Here’s what the link says about engagement

"Thread engagement refers to how much of the stud the lug nut contacts. For your safety, proper thread engagement must be met.

If proper thread engagement cannot be met with a standard lug nut, an extended thread (ET) lug nut may be necessary. When installing an ET lug nut, you must ensure that the lug holes in the wheel are wide enough to accommodate the ET lug nut. If the lug nut isn’t long enough to engage the threads, the wheel will not be secured properly. "

I have no idea what they are talking about the relationship between extended thread lug nuts and the size of the lug holes in the wheel. It seems like the extended lug nuts – I presume they are just longer versions of standard lug nuts – any interference would be due to their length, rather than their diameter.

I had to get a 4 lug nuts for my wifes Lexus when I removed the locking nuts. No auto parts store had the matching lug nuts. So I figured it would be cheaper to buy 4 lug nuts from the dealer then buying 20 from the local parts stores. I was pleasantly surprised that the lug nuts from the dealer were the same price and lug nuts from my local store.