Low speed shudder (when cold)

My '06 BMW 550i (V8, auto, 56k mi.) has a low speed shudder at 20mph/1000rpm when the car is cold. Happens when driving slowly w/ little throttle-- just holding speed–feels like the car is in too high a gear and throttle is gurgling. (I think it’s in 4th when it happens.) It occurs in “Drive” (not “Drive Sport” which shifts at higher rpm.) BMW’s Field Service Engineer states that many 550s experience this transmission related issue but that it does not impact drivability and no further service is needed. (The warranty expires at 100k. The car has also experienced harsh 2-1 downshifts. Other then that, drives fine.) Is this a sign of bad things to come? Or, is it just side effect of a car trying too hard to save gas? It does not feel normal to me. Should I raise hell to get it “fixed”, have BMW change ATF or clean the throttle? Or, should I just drive in “sport” mode until it warms up? Thanks.

It’d be nice to get to drive a BMW and be able to say what is normal and what isn’t. You’ve been driving the car since new? If yes, you are the best judge of normal. Is this one of BMW’s never service transmissions with lifetime fluid?

It sounds like a change of transmission fluid wouldn’t hurt. This could easily be a “tune up” issue as well. New plugs are supposed to go in when? If in your opinion this isn’t normal for this car then raising hell with BMW is the place to go. I’m assuming this is one the BMW’s that receives free service for X years and miles. If so, they may be dodging providing the service until the free part runs out.

BMW will resist ANY work on yor car that would be interpeted as a admission that your car has a problem. Once they peform the first repair they have admitted there is something wrong.

I bought the car used about 1 yr ago. Cert Pre-O with warranty and 0 maintenance to 100k, including lifetime ATF. (New plugs not due until 100k.) It has shuddered at low speeds since I bought the car. When I first reported it 1 yr ago, the shop foreman said it was normal vibration brought on by “lagging” the car. Recently, I experienced harsh 2-1 downshift which caused me to bring the issue up again. I drove w/ shop foreman who now agreed that it was not normal. Shop foreman had the BMW FSE drive it, who said what I have already reported (that many 550s experience this transmission related issue but that it does not impact drivability and no further service is needed.) It’s annoying. I can’t figure out how serious it is. (I make gurgling sounds in the morning too, but I’m not a finely tuned machine.)