Low rolling resistance tires

I need to replace the original tires on my Subaru Forester. The Yokohama P215/60R 16 gave me 43,000 miles but I want a lower rolling resistance tire for better gas mileage. All dealers say theirs is the best, but I find no facts or ratings. Help

Something to consider:

As a general rule, tires with low RR sacrifice traction and/or treadwear. This means that tires with high UTQG treadwear ratings will have higher RR values - AND - tires with good traction will also have higher RR values.

But there are quite a few other variables that affect RR, so this can only be stated as a general rule.

Consumer Reports does list rolling resistance in their tire ratings. I would suggest that you visit your local library, use the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature to locate the appropriate past issues of CR that listed their tire ratings, and compile your potential shopping list from CR’s ratings.

I have Dunlop D65’s on a 93 Caprice that have low rolling resistance. However the tires (supposedly All-Season) are worthless in the snow and not great in the rain. Have you taken into account that the frictional losses of the AWD system in the Forester probably affect mpg more than the tires would.

Ed B.