Low oil level

My son has a car with a 4.6 L Ford V8. He let the oil level get low (1 qt below add).

Is any damage likely to have been done? I know that old-time cars had combination immersion and oil-pump lubrication, but perhaps all is well so long as the oil pump didn’t go dry. Anyone know?

Hope you added or changed it.
No just keep it topped off.
Is this the 1st time it happened?

There should not be any damage, assuming the oil pressure warning light never came on.

I hope he has learned that he’s going to have to check the oil more often.

The car is using about a quart every 1000-1500 miles. It’s up to level now. He was warned before, and he’ll be warned again.

They hold 6 quarts so there were still 4 quarts in there, no problem. As long as there is oil pressure, the engine is being adequately lubricated. When crankcase oil gets REAL low, it starts getting very hot, as much of its function is engine cooling. This overheated oil degrades very quickly and then lubrication failure follows.

In Vics, this rate of oil consumption is usually caused by failed valve-stem seals. They CAN be replaced, but it’s a big, expensive job and is seldom worth it…

Actually, they hold 5 quarts including the oil filter.

If it is valve stem seals, is it possible that some additive or the use of these “high mileage oils” might help a bit?

That’s funny. The three that I have owned all held five quarts.

Avoid additives. You could try high mileage oil but I don’t think you should expect too much.

Best thing is to watch the oil level and keep it topped up.

OOOps. the P71 models, with the oil cooler, hold 6, my mistake…

For 4.6 l engines in Ford sedans the oil capacity was 5 qt until 2002. 2003 and > it is 6 qt. For all we know, this is a Rustang GT and they might be different. At any rate, no damage from being a quart low.

The valve stem seals were a bigger problem in the early to mid 90s. I don’t recall when, but they switched to better material at some point.

Is the PCV valve in this car good? A plugged one can lead to increased oil consumption.