Low oil level in 1000 miles?


A figure of speech. Obama tightened up the standards to where every tiny addition to fuel mileage had to be tried. If Bush is re-elected he will likely slacken off on the CAFE figures. like Ronald Reagan did.

Where I live trucks outnumber cars and he average vehicle has nearly 300 HP. US carmakers are having a rough time getting their fleet average up. In Europe Mercedes uses its Smart Cars to drive their fleet average consumption down.


Dubya served two terms as POTUS, so he can’t run again.


So, those count as “cars?”

I’m still trying to figure out what is smart about them. Lots of folks in this part of Florida drive golf carts, even on roads.

I live in a golf course, with fairways surrounding, and our 15mph avenue is intersected by golf course cart paths and the carts stop for cars, usually.

A guy in our community has a Smart car and I’m not seeing much difference between cart and car when he meets a cart at a crossing. I understand that it’s easier to carry 2 people and clubs on the golf cart, too.


The Smart Car is really a city car you can park in the smallest spaces. Just visit Paris or Rome and you will also see chopped off Fords called the “Ka” which is about the same size.


Sorry, I needed that other coffee. Trump wants to hold the emissions and CAFE to the present level with no increase in the future.


… Yup!
I can recall seeing so-called “Smart” cars parked on traffic islands in Paris and Rome.
That constitutes perhaps the only advantage of buying those cars…


I was under the impression the limitation is on how many consecutive terms a US president can serve, not how many terms he can serve in total

So Bush could theoretically run again . . . but I wouldn’t count on it


Bush cannot run again.

Two terms of 4 years each. That was by amendment a few years after FDR, who was elected to 4 terms. Before that, GWs’s 2 terms was followed as a tradition. A later amendment says a president who succeeds to the presidency from vice president can serve up to 2 years to complete that term, and additionally serve 2 4-year terms.


I hate the golf carts, the high school kids driving them the ignore all traffic laws, yet Sheriff station is 1/2 mile from the school across from the golf course.