Low MPG/high capacity

With our growing family, I’m looking for a vehicle that could transport 4 adults and 2 kids (in carseats) semi-comfortably. The catch is I’m trying to get something with good mileage.

The Mazda 5 and the Kia Rondo seem like pretty good bets, though if you use all 6 (or 7) seats, there’s not much luggage room. I’m wondering if there’s any others, or perhaps a diesel. The Dodge Sprinter, while good for that caller last week with her 8 kids, is a bit more than I need. The Toyota Highlander has a hybrid, which is possible, but it’s a bit pricy.

Any thoughts?

Well, for one you could get a Highlander from a few years back when you could get them with a 4-cylinder engine. The 4-cyl version actually got better on the highway than the hybrid and pretty good in-town.

Otherwise, you need a minivan.

Second the minivan , Odessey, Voyager/Caravan, Sienna. When you consider passenger/miles, they are very economical even with a powerful v6. Nothing better for safely transporting family members. Trips for singles aren’t efficient but a compact in the family can help there. You’re right about the Sprinters. They are very expensive, basic and made for heavy haul.

Modern well designed minivans can easily handle your load with a degree comfort, features and safety that other options could not provide for the same price. Doesn’t safety trump a little better economy ? I know the uncool stigma, but their practicality wins hands down.

If you want to transport 6 frequently, then a minivan is the way to go. Limited rear seat room, big $$ in the Highlander hybrid. If a Odyssey/Siena too much $$, then the Mazda 5/Rondo are the next best options.

My BIL has a Rondo and transports 6 adults (kids are teens or older) all the time. They like it and have no regrets about buying it. The do have to carry some bags up front, but the kids can put thenm on the floor or between them. Test drive it if you haven’t already.