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Low Idle

I took my Volvo 740 sedan into the mechanics about two months ago and got the fuel pump replaced. Since then, my idle has been giving me problems. Used to be when I first started it I would just keep my foot on the gas lightly for ab out 30 seconds and it would be fine. Now, I have to babysit it for about 20 minutes before it idle’s fine. It’s fuel injected, so I can’t just “turn the idle up” like on my old car. My mechanic said he needs to look at it, but I can’t get it in for another two weeks, and I am driving 2 hours this weekend. Any thoughts on what it might be? It runs great other than that.

Why did you wait two months to have the mechanic look at it? Assuming it idled normally before the fuel pump, it should have idled normally after the fuel pump replacement

Idle speed is computer-controlled via the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve. A dirty or worn valve can cause problems.

There are other things that can cause idle problems, too. A loose or cracked vacuum hose comes immediately to mind, but there are others.

Let the mechanic figure it out.

I’ll tell my mechanic! I know that when I drive up a hill or put strain on my engine while the A/C is running it will stop blowing out the dash and start blowing at my feet, and the exhaust system has been messed with because one of the two mufflers fell off and I had my mechanic straight-pipe it to the second one. I’m a poor college student, so I do what is cheaper.