Low Compression in One Cylinder

Hi, I am interested in purchaing a 1993 Subaru Loyale 4WD. It apparently has low compression in one cylinder. I really want a car, but I am a poor college student. It is only $500.00. Should I make this investment or is it unwise?

Paying $500 for a car is just the beginning. Once you buy it, it’ll keep sucking money from you. It’s not an investment, it’s the opposite of an investment, so never refer to spending money on a car as an “investment.”

How long do you think a 4 cylinder car with bad compression in at least 1 cylinder is going to last before the engine needs to be replaced?

I have no idea. I can’t tell you much about a car beyond changing the oil and a thermostat. So I guess it is an unwise decision?

How does it drive on 3 1/2 cylinders? Maybe you can drive it a month, a year, 3 years like this and get most of your $500 back when you sell it for parts. Seriously, how does it drive? If you like the way it drives and you feel lucky, go for it. Just be ready to unload it for parts as soon as it no longer gets you where you want to go. Don’t let it drain your bank account when the engine gets worse or the transmission or all-wheel-drive acts up and the repair bill is $1,500.

Thanks for your reply Goldwing.

Does it drive ok? If it gets you from point A to point B, $500 is as cheap as you can get for a car that actually works.

Well, according to the owner it runs okay, minus the one cylinder. I haven’t actually test driven it or anything myself. I am just in need and saw an add that was attractive, but I wanted to hear from some more experienced car folks about making the decision to purchase it.

If it’s not too far away test drive it. Given that you don’t know the seller, there’s a good reason he’s selling this car for only $500. If it runs, offer him $350, he knows how much this car will cost him to get it running right.

You are right about that. After searching a little more, I have seen a couple of other possibilities, like a 95 crown victoria (police interceptor) for $800, with apparently no major problems.

This car has a better chance of getting you where you want to go without breaking down. Durable V8 engine & no finicky all wheel drive system.

All cars are money pits though. Maybe you can buy the Crown Vic for $500.

We’ll see thanks for the tips!