Loud Whining noise from under-carriage


I have a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 203,000 miles. I just had the transmission overhauled on it. Ran GREAT for about 800 miles. Just took it on a trip to spokane and is suddenly making a loud whining noise when you accelerate. When slowing down however it makes almost a grinding noise. Im kinda aggrevated considering i just spent 2300 dollars on an overhaul. Any ideas as to what this could be would be much of a help…


dont take the wife with you next time!!


Thats funny… but no i didnt have the wife with me… just looking for a clue as to wether is the rear-end going out or the tranny itself…


you just go this rebuilt? didn’t they give you some kind of warantee period??

i would think the original repair shop would be the place to start.

any other ideas??


although your screen name indicates you 4wheel, will that take away your warantee??


yeah… its under warranty… and im taking it in monday but i dont know if its a common thing for the rear-end on a Ranger to go out… ive been doing research on it but havent turned up anything…