Loud metal squeak coming from top of motor

I have a 98 chevy lumina with the 3100 motor, it has a loud metal squeak coming from the top of the motor, on the top left side by the alternator. It’s loudest when first started when it’s cold or when it’s started after it’s sat for a couple of hours. I’m thinking a bearing is going bad in the alternator, does that sound right or do you have any other ideas? The car runs just fine with no other issues or problems.

Thanks for you help

Could just be a loose or worn alternator drive belt. If the bearings are bad they will make noise continuously.

You could remove the belt and see how the alternator bearings feel as you turn the pulley.

Then install and a new belt and see if the noise goes away.


So did you take off the alternator belt and spin the alternator by hand as mcparadise suggested? Did you run the engine (for a short time) with the belt(s) removed? Was the noise still there?

Answer back and we can go from there. Still lurking.