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Loud air escaping sound from under hood. 1992 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR-4

I have a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR-4 (Twin turbo)

Last night I was driving… not even pushing my car or anything. I go through 1st gear fine, then when I hit second, out of nowhere I hear this loud air escaping sound come from under the hood around 3000rpms. As I went up in rpms, the sound just got louder, so I shifted quick.

It sounded like if I just tried to go through it, it would explode or something. I looked this up and found somewhere it said to try tightening the clamps on everything under the hood, so I did that. None of them were loose but I did tighten them a lot.

I also looked at my (boost?) gauge (gauge on the far right in the car) and it seemed like it was stuck at halfway and moved very little when I was driving. I was going to have a person try to feel where the air was coming from when I revved it in neutral but it doesn’t seem to do it in neutral…

Never heard it before and I need to figure this out as soon as possible. Trying to sell my car and this happens… Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

sounds like the wastegate may be stuck open.

Here is the sound… uploaded it.

As soon as I hear it I let off the gas. If I stay on it, it only gets louder…

I agree with FoDaddy. If it is not the wastegate itself it is the actuator or vacuum line connected to it that is causing the malfunction in the wastegate.

Is it safe to drive around as long as I try not to get into the high rpms? Until I get it fixed

Fixed… Cable for the turbo was loose just about popped off… got a mechanic to figure it out and tighten it. Thanks for the help