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LOST please help

2006 Subaru forester 2.5L turbo. Some times I will try to start after the car has set for 5-10 minutes and it wont start turn the key multiple times then the vehicle will start. Any ideas

A good cleaning never hurt and may be an answer.
Clean battery cables at every contact point, not just at the battery terminals. Clean the starter end and the ground points. Un-bolt them, clean cable portion and mount surface.
Could be a starter issue or ignition switch. Tests need to be run.

Ditto to Ken’s post. He’s given you good advice.

All of that looks good, also when the no start issue occurs I do not have any fuel pressure. Then when I finally get it started then let it sit to recheck the issue the fuel pressure climbs up to 100psi but still will not start I have replaced the fuel pump the relay as well as tested the fuel pressure regulator all of that seems to test good. Also when the car is running the fuel pressure is 55psi that is with in spec. Thank you for your tips look forward

We need details. What do you mean by “won’t start”, the starter does not crank or the starter cranks, but the engine won’t start. If you don’t know the difference, take it to a repair shop.

Cranks but no start. I has been to a repair shop and still the same issue.

The original post led me to believe it wasn’t cranking. I now understand that it is, but not firing?

I’m going to guess that the fuel line is losing pressure and fuel is drainng back into the tank. Repeated attempts are probably refilling and repressurizing it. For this to be happening you have to have a leaky injector allowing air to enter the line.

Whether this is that case is easy to check. Simply check the fuel line after the car has been sitting for 25-20 minutes. If there’s air in it you have your answer.

You could also try turning the key to the “on” position a few times before the “start” position. If my theory is correct the pump should refill and repressurize the line.

Is this car still under warranty? I certainly hope so, but I don’t know what the Subaru warranty limits are. If it’s still under warranty, I suggest you take it to a Subaru dealer and let them figure it out.

I don’t know the fuel pressure specs for a 2006 Forester. Sorry.

The fuel pressure should not leak down in 5-10 minutes, and even if it did, a few seconds with the key turned to “on” should take care of it.

You need a Subaru expert. Dealer or independent (I prefer independent), as you see fit, but you need someone who understands these vehicles.

Unfortunately it is no longer under warranty. I will check that and keep you all posted thank you all so much for the help.

How about the emissions warranty. That’s a long one and this could easily be involved with emissions.

make sure your electrical system is up to snuff. while you can crank the engine with less than 12 volts, the injectors HAVE to receive 12 volts to energize…You may have a weak or poor battery connection, bad ground, alternator not working well. I suspect an electrical fault.

Too bad 8/80 I have 95000 thanks for the tip though.

But it is only when the car sits for a short period of time 5-10 minutes. Drive home and let it sit over night starts right up no problems.

Attach fuel pressure tester. Turn off engine. Observe the fuel pressure for a few minuets. The fuel pressure should hold for up to 30 minuets. If it doesn’t, the fuel pump isn’t holding, or the fuel pressure regulator isn’t holding pressure.

The fuel pressure will go up to 100psi in 5-10 minutes. This is quite high when you shut it off at first the pressure is about 45-50 psi.

That 100 psi indicates a problem with the fuel pressure regulator.
How LONG, after you shut the engine off, does the fuel pressure HOLD at 45-55 psi? …How many minuets?
Fuel pressure can fall off fairly quickly if the fuel injectors are leaking, after the engine is shut off.

Maybe a minute or less it never truly holds 45-50psi it quickly drops to that then quickly climbs to 100psi < a minute. Even if I let the pressure bleed off it will still climb a little bit.

The 100psi is with the key off as well the fuel pump is not running at all and it will climb in pressure the key doesn’t even have to be in the ignition.

I put a vacuum gauge on the fuel pressure regulator and it holds a vacuum no problem for a good 10-15 minutes.

How can fuel pressure INCREASE with the ignition key OFF?! Perhaps, the fuel pump is still energized with the key OFF? The fuel pump relay may be stuck. Remove the fuel pump relay and try it.