Lost my job and now I'm losing my transmission help!

Here is my dilema, I lost my job in Dec and now the transmission is going on my 2002 Rav4. I have 99,000 miles and was quoted the repair would cost up to $2600. Do I fix the car and take my chances or hit up my dad for help to buy a new car?

Thank you!

Evanston Fan,


Describe what “transmission is going” means. What does it do when you drive it? Did you - yourself - check the transmission fluid? Has the transmission ever been serviced.

And where did you get your diagnosis and repair estimate? If you took it to a national chain transmission shop (such as AAMCO) or to a dealer take it to a local independent transmission shop - i.e. not just any mechanic.

Regardless of where you took it do you know if the computer was scanned for error codes? If you don’t know find out and post any codes up here.

Tools cost less than repairmans wages. Used parts from the recycle yard cost less than new. Repair manuals cost less than something, but I’m not sure what. You are young, you have time on your hands, get to work and fix this thing yourself at considerably less money. If you must, hit up your old man for the needful, and give it back to him in service to his car or truck. Where there is a will, there is a way.

You don’t state what is happening with the transmission. It is possible that there may be a simple problem with it and by adding a additive to the transmission fluid you may be able to correct the trouble. Things like sticking valves can be freed up using a product called Trans-X. You will need to have some of the fluid removed to add the product. You don’t have anything to lose at this point and may not have to have any repair work done if the additive works.

When you don’t have a job you have to minimize expenses. That means no new car, with or without help from dad.

The car is still driveable so you need to get some other eyes on the problem and one or better 2 other diagnosis and repair estimates. Spend the least you can to keep the car going because you need a car to find a job. Once you have a job again you can see if this car looks good for a few more years or if you need a new one.

There are many things that can cause a tranny to malunction . Don’t jump at the first diagnosis.

. you can have someone or yourself check the transmission oil dip stick by pulling it out like your engine oil dipstick. the tranny oil should be nice shiny red. if its brown with a burnt smell change it immeaditely. a regular mechanic can do this no need for a speciatly shop. just make sure you get the right tranny fluid from toyota. its cheap insurance!