Lost ipod under drivers seat 2003 BMW 325i

I was driving and my ipod slide back under my seat and is lodged in the vent like things under the drivers seat. I checked with a flash light and see the corner of the ipod. How do I get it out and how much will it set me back

If you have mechanical ability, and posses tools, you can loosen the seat and remove it yourself. If none of the above is true, a mechanic will have to do it, and in my area the going rate is $70/hr.

If you can’t grab the ipod by hand, with a long needle nosed pliers, or a set of “mechanical fingers”, the seat comes out with the removal of two nuts and two bolts, one at each corner. IIRC, they are 17mm and 13mm. You’ll need short sockets and a ratchet. Whole cheap socket sets can be bought at Wal*mart if you have none. The tool kit in your trunk lid doesn’t have what you need. Move the seat all the way forward to reach the rear attach points, and back to reach the fronts. You shouldn’t have to pull it out completely, just enough that you can tilt it forward to reach the ipod. Complete removal will require unplugging the air bag sensor wires. It ain’t rocket science. Go for it.

Put some bubble gum (already chewed) on the end of a stick. Poke the ipod with it and it should come out.