Lost Ignition Key

I have lost my only ignition key to my 2000 Pontiac Firebird. I went to a dealership to have it replaced. The key has a resistor chip and they key they provided does not work. They said there is nothing they can do because the ignition must have been replaced. I don’t think that is true, but either way I do not have a working key. What are my options?

You can try a locksmith. No real options that are inexpensive at this point.

Sorry you lost your ONLY key. I hope you and others reading this can learn that it is not a good idea to have only one key.

As uncle noted, some locksmiths can cut and program a new key, but the auto makers have made the a lot more difficult for us and a little more difficult for those who steal cars for a living.

There is a procedure to find the correct resistor key (with a PASSKEY) system (one out of 15) but it is slightly time consuming and requires an “essential tool” (meaning the Dealer should have it). This tool simulates the correct resistor and you just work through the possibilites until it starts. The “F” body cars kept PASSKEY longer than other cars (which used PASSLOCK by this time). It is important to determine just what system your car has. If I could see a sample of the key the Dealer says goes with your car I could easily tell if it is a PASSKEY or PASSLOCK system. PASSKEY keys have a very noticable “bump” on the flat section of the key.