Loss of value on a Prius after a rear end collision?

Your Settlement Is Negotiable.

I’ve had experience with this several times with total loss accidents. Go shopping for your own car ! Go online, clip newspaper ads, go to car lots. Find similar make / model / miles cars similarly equipped and with with low miles like your’s. If you can’t find ones with only 70,000 miles, but the selling price is desirable, then use those and argue the price up because of the difference in miles. Pretend that you are going to replace your little car with an almost identical car. Get descriptions and selling prices in writing.

If you’ve done recent repairs, maintenance, bought tires, etcetera, dig out receipts. These things can help show that your car was in good condition or well-maintained.

Keep in mind that if the price is driven too high then the car may no longer be a “total” in the eyes of the insurance company and they may opt to repair it. They go with whatever is cheaper.


To me the damage does not look that bad. If insurance company totals it, it may still have quite a bit of value because it will probably be repaired and then re-sold with a salvaged title.

If you are concerned about the integrity of the car you can request a check for the repair estimate, use that and the trade in value to negotiate a purchase for a car that has not been wrecked.