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Loss of power

I have a 98 Lexus ES300. For last two years on long road trips I occasionally experience a slight loss of power. This usually happens on slight downhills when the load is off the engine. I’ll ease up on the throttle and the engine will seem to miss or slightly loose power. It usually continues to do this. Sometimes when I slow down or stop the engine will try to stall, then race, and repeat this. If I gun the engine or turn it off and turn it back on the problem typically goes away. I have 190k on the car.

Things like that often come from very basic maintenance items - like spark plugs, wires, filters etc. So make sure all of the basic maintenance is up to date.

Spark plugs sound like a good place to start. Thanks! Now that I think of it, it has been a long time since I changed them.

Check, clean or replace the EGR valve… If it’s sticking open, it can cause these symptoms…

Thanks. also something I haven’t done before.