Losing power

Sorry about not providing more information re my 1995 Toyota Corolla. Didn’t know how much space I had available. Appreciate all the responses. PROBLEM: While waiting at the stop light, the car loses power completely and dies - no engine, no fan, no nothing. When I said it did it again, I meant that within one week of going to the mechanic the car died while waiting at a stop light. The air conditioner was not in use. The gas tank was at least 1/2 full. All fluids are maintained at optimum levels and lube and oils are done every 3000 miles. After turning it off and letting it set for 5 mins or more, it starts up without problems. Really appreciate the input.

It is generally a good idea to post additional information as a reply to the original message. As it is, I only see the message above and not the original nor any replies. So I can’t offer any suggestions.

Does it always do this or only when hot?

Here is the text of the OP’s original post:

My 1995 Corolla with 225,000 miles has lost power 3 times during the past 6 months while I was waiting at a traffic light. I have a new fuel pump, fuel filter, battery, alternator and spark plugs. When I told the mechanic that my foot used to automatically go lower on the brake pedal when I was at a stop light (as if saving gas while idling) and that it no longer does that, he gave me a strange look but could find nothing wrong with my car. It has done this again since he checked it out.

As mountainbike suggested in the other thread, this may possibly be related to a leak in the power brake booster. However, that is assuming that the earlier reference to the brake pedal was not a red herring.

You did not make any reference to the brake pedal situation in this thread, so I have to ask you to clarify the possible problem regarding the brake pedal, just so that we have some idea of whether or not that reference is a red herring.

Exactly what is the brake pedal doing, and when is it doing it?
Is there any change in the amount of effort that you have to exert on the pedal?
Is there a change in braking performance?