Lose steering when it rains


I have a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan and when it rains I lose my power steering and I feel like I am driving a truck. I have had it to my mechanic 5 times and he can’t find anything wrong. HELP!!!


More than likely has a worn belt tensioner and/or needs a splash shield installed. Maybe you need to talk to the Dodge dealer about this problem.


As I recall, this is a known problem with certain models/years of Chrysler minivans, and the solution is to install the splash guard that is available.


The same thing happened on several years of Crown Vics, after Ford removed the splash guard. When it rained, the belt would fly off the power steering pulley. The same sort of thing is happening to you. Get the splash shield installed.


When you have the splash shield installed, make sure that they check the condition and tension of the power steering drive belt. Oh to heck with it. Have them put on a new belt. Might be time for other belts to be replaced, too.


you also need to find another mechanic.