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Looking for what spark plugs, and spark wires along with coil box

I’m wondering what spark plugs, and the spark wire casing, along with what coil box would be best for optimal power on my 2.2 L 1997 Subaru Impreza. Just seeing what people would say

I doubt you can gain anything over OEM parts. I took a quick look at one well known aftermarket performance manufacturers’ site, their description:
“ * Original fit, function, performance and color

  • OE/OES specified length and insulators
  • OE/OES specified conductor construction”

On old style point system, upgrades primarily improved reliability rather than any real world HP/torque gains. If redoing an 50s/60s motor would I convert it-yes. But for reliability and reduced maintenance.

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Which ever company makes the plugs for your Subaru. You will NOT get better performance from another plug.


I think it should be Denso or NGK iridium spark plugs

Factory ignition systems are hard to beat, even on a 23 year old car. Aftermarket vendors promise big improvements but don’t deliver for an unmodified engine.

Put fresh parts on from a known quality source and drive on.


I don’t recall Iridium plugs being available in 1997, but Platinum plugs were. I would not change the wires or the coil from the stock system, but you could see if the OEM plug is now available in an Iridium version, BUT if the OEM was a double Platinum, make sure the Iridium upgrade has a platinum pad on the ground lug or it will not last as long as the double platinum.

When I bought new plugs, the guy said stick with oem, we have seen many issues when people did not.


I would not go to iridium even if it was available NOW.

Do you have the owners manual? This often tells you what spark plugs to use in addition to providing specs for fluids, tires and light bulbs.

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I’ll check out the manual real quick

So I looked in my manual, it recommends NGK BKR6E-11 Spark plugs for a 2.2. But I don’t see anything about spark plug wires? I read from what y’all said I should keep stock

Wires are a little different. Just get a decent set from a good manufacturer. Do NOT get performance wires. You may never hear your radio again. Many of those wires are lower resistance and will cause a lot of engine noise on the radio.

I’d either get NGK or Denso wires or OEM…either are fine. The NGK or Denso from your local parts store or on-line would be cheaper.


That’s BRK6ES-11 and it is a standard plug. Considering the age of your vehicle, your fuel injectors may not squirt as clean of a mist as it used to. Upgrading to the Platinum or Iridium version of the plug will give a slightly more reliable ignition of the fuel mix and you won’t have to change them as often.

The narrow tip of the Iridium or Platinum plugs concentrates the corona allowing it to spark at a lower voltage with a more intense spark.

Do stick with the stock plug wires though but be sure to coat the insides and outsides of the boots with a silicone grease. They last longer and keep moisture out so there is less change of an arc to ground at the coil or distributor. Don’t wory about the dielectric grease getting on the conducting surfaces, in thin film conditions, it conducts. In thick film conditions it insulates.

Oh, I was right. It should be NGK. Using a silicone grease it’s good advice

You do NOT get better performance from a Platinum or iridium plug. They do last longer.

True IF everything else is working perfectly. But as the A/F ratio drifts toward the limits around the tip of the plug, the ignition of the fuel becomes more reliable. The spark is a little hotter.

The only time you need bigger wires and different or additional spark plugs is when you are flowing so much fuel that you are at risk of extinguishing the spark at the plug gap. Any and all other times, you dont need anything more than any modern stock ignition system. You surely wont be feeling the extra power you gained by adding more voltage or a hotter plug…the only time this happens is when there was something amiss with your stock setup…stock is optimal enough until you make massive changes to your engine and fuel system.

If the car manufactures could get better gas mileage, horsepower, or performance just by changing plugs, That’s the plugs they would put in from the start.